Test Drive Unlimited - Megapack

Test Drive Unlimited - Megapack 1.1

Test Drive Unlimited: Megapack adds a ton of cars you can drive in TDU
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Test Drive Unlimited: Megapack is an expansion pack developed by Eden Games. Eden Games is the branch of Atari that created Test Drive Unlimited for Xbox 360 and PC. In a nutshell, Test Drive is a game that allows you to purchase and drive a number of cars and motorcycles, around an island modeled after Oahu. You complete several missions and challenges to earn money and points in the game. It also has multi-player support which is fun and fast.

The developers thought that the huge amount of vehicles in the original game wasn't enough. So they decided to launch this expansion pack with 46 new vehicles - 45 cars and 1 new bike. You get to drive vehicles like the Ferrari F40, Scaglietti, the Pagani Zonda, a 1957 Corvette, a Nissan Skyline R34 GTR and many more. This is like a dream for all car fanatics, with more cool vehicles to drive you won't be able to choose only one. Although, for an expansion pack, it would have been nice to have other features. However, you still get your money's worth with this pack.

Ismael Mireles
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  • A great amount of cars


  • No other new features
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